About Us

Pumps and Valves India, founded in 2020, began as a service and spare parts provider for moulding machines and goods lift industries. In 2021, they expanded to offer power pack hydraulics and servo solutions for elevator and lift systems and hydraulic presses, and served OEMs and end-users in Chennai. With a dedicated team of five professionals, they emphasis B2B marketing and sales services, extending them to end-users as well.
We’re partnered with Nord Drive Systems in ten product lines, enhancing their solutions in drive technology and automation. Their ambitious goal is substantial growth in the automation sector by 2025, reflecting their commitment to innovation and excellence in their field.



Expert Guidance

Pumps & Valves India offers expert advice for tailored pumping and valve solutions based on industry knowledge.

Reliable Quality

They provide high-quality pumps and valves from trusted manufacturers for durable and efficient performance.

Exceptional Support

We offer comprehensive support services, including prompt delivery and responsive customer assistance.